Screwfix, Toolstation and James Goddard-Watts

Jun 29, 2016 | 4 comments

The Daily Mail reports today that the Mr Goddard-Watts divorce settlement is being looked at in private in the High Court.

Mr Justice Moylan will decide on the matter in the next few days according to the press.

Mr Goddard-Watts is accused of misleading the Court by not declaring all of his assets when he divorced some years ago.

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  1. exactly how much do you charge when you win the case ?

    • 20%! regards Tony

  2. Can you tell me how far do you go back? I already have a claim your looking into but I am wondering about my mum who was divorced in 1981 who wasn’t advised properly and didn’t get a fair settlement or much assistance at all from her solicitor.

    • Lisa
      15 years is the maximum I’m afraid. It’s the law. If your father hid assets then your mum might be able to do something if there is evidence. Can you email me please? Regards Tony


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