Mills v Mills

Aug 1, 2018 | 2 comments

The Supreme Court recently decided the above thorny issue of spousal maintenance.
Mr Mills went to Court to have the spousal maintenance he pays to his former wife reduced as The Court of Appeal had ironically increased the amount he had to pay when he went to the lower Court to have it reduced! Mr Mills appealed the decision!
The Supreme Court rejected the Court of Appeal’s decision and reduced the award back down to the original sum set some years ago.
It seems the only winners were the lawyers!

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  1. Hi i dont know if you can help, my ex husband has never paid anything that was granted in the divirce settlement, he kept the marital home and rental property he owned and was told he should pay me a monthly wage until our youngest son was 18 he is now 16 i believe it was a consent order but i dont understand what this is, hes never paid maintenance, in fact has paid nothing, i just dont know what i can do

    • June, it sounds like you received the wrong deal. Can we call you to discuss please? Regards Tony Derbyshire


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