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Our friends at WASPI, Women Against State Pension Inequality, have told us that that another group of ladies called ‘Backto60’ have lodged a claim for a Judicial Review about the new rules for ladies pensions which came into force some years ago but were only enacted a few years ago. Basically Ladies don’t get their State Pension until 65/66/67 when they used to get the pension at age 60.
If you are divorced then your former solicitor should have noted this change in circumstances and secured a deal reflecting the changes.

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  1. karen Clark STapleton

    I got part of ex husbands police pension but cannot get it until I am 59 , why are women like me subjected to this inequality when they can get it when they retire.

    I got to deal in between and that is wrong

    I want this addressing- the man is a liar a cheat and a wife beater who made a false injury claim because the police wanted to sack him

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