Divorce Lifeline director Jeremy Wolff on the BBC Radio 4 show, Money Box

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A segment from Money Box in which Divorce Lifeline’s, Jeremy Wolff and Radio 4’s, Paul Lewis, discussed the potential end to 50/50 divorce settlements. BBC Radio 4 – Money Box 21st January 2017 This clip has been taken from BBC Radio 4’s Money Box – Southern Comfort which was recorded on the 21/01/2017 and is available to download from: reading

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Randy Work and the High Court

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Mr Justice Holman in the High Court recently decided that the matrimonial assets of Mr Work and his wife, Mandy Gray, should be divided equally rather than a larger share for Mr Work which he was seeking from the Court. After 20 years together UK Courts normally spilt assets on a 50/50 basis unless in exceptional circumstances such as inContinue reading

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Screwfix, Toolstation and James Goddard-Watts

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James Goddard was ordered by the Court to pay a further £6m after it was found that he had not disclosed the full portfolio of matrimonial assets to the Court! If you think that your ex has not disclosed all the assets to the Court contact us as soon as possible.


Ocado and the Steiners

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So Mr & Mrs Steiner arrived at the High Court yesterday to begin the procedure to divide up their matrimonial assets! Ocado founder Tim Steiner cites unreasonable behaviour as the reason for the divorce whilst Mrs S says she is the victim and has been cut off from her children. It really doesn’t matter who is to blame for theContinue reading


Screwfix, Toolstation and James Goddard-Watts

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The Daily Mail reports today that the Mr Goddard-Watts divorce settlement is being looked at in private in the High Court. Mr Justice Moylan will decide on the matter in the next few days according to the press. Mr Goddard-Watts is accused of misleading the Court by not declaring all of his assets when he divorced some years ago. IfContinue reading

Karen & John Hart in the Daily Mail

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Mark Duell for the ‘Mailonline’ reports that Karen Hart received £3.5 million from joint matrimonial assets of £10 million despite living with another man for some years. There seems to be some confusion in the press about such matters. Mrs Hart started living with Mr Hart in 1983 and they married in 1987 and had 2 children and then atContinue reading

Losing your Home

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The Daily Mail has today published an article by Sadie Nicholas with help from Jill Foster about Divorcees losing their marital homes. Here is the link to the that article. For some years Divorce Lifeline have known about unfair divorce settlements. The law is very clear in that after a medium or long marriage then the matrimonial assets shouldContinue reading

Femail at the Daily Mail

Femail at the Daily Mail

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According to today’s Daily Mail, some or all of the owners of Ocado, Asos, Superdry and Laura Ashley are divorcing and their soon to be ex wives are seeking at least a 50/50 split of the matrimonial assets. The leading Court Case in these types of Divorce settlements is White v White in 2001 whereby their Lordships in the HouseContinue reading

Settlements for our Clients

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Lifeline continue to attack family divorce lawyers who have made very serious mistakes in calculating the value of matrimonial assets. If a mistake is made then your share will be less than you are entitled to. Call us now for a free review of your settlement. You have nothing to lose! Always remember that any enquiries that we make doContinue reading

Screwfix’s and Toolstation’s Former Owner

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According to the Sunday Times of 13th March 2016, James Goddard-Watts failed to declare all of the matrimonial assets when he divorced his former wife, Julia, back in 2010. The Court of Appeal are quoted as saying he misled his wife and therefore the Court. Has he committed perjury? Could he be jailed? This case follows on from 2 otherContinue reading