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Great News! The Daily Star published only part of our Press Release yesterday and we soon received 7 enquiries from Divorcees about our free review service! We believe that at least 5 of those 7 ladies have good claims and are going to be very happy later this year!

Divorcees suffer courtesy of Solicitors

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Getting divorced is stressful enough. Now it is clear that a lot of divorcees are suffering as a result of the quality of the service they received from their Solicitors. Never known for being slow to render a bill- it is clear that many Solicitors were not quick enough to get a proper valuation on a Pension in a divorce.

Solicitors mishandled Divorce Settlements

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After the 1st December 2000 the law was changed and Pensions became part of the assets that were divided in a divorce. It is now clear that for many people getting divorced, their Solicitor did not get the correct valuation of the Pension. As a result in many cases a settlement will have been negotiated based upon a Pension ValuationContinue reading