Pensions in Divorce Comments from the Daily Mail 7/1/2019

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Divorced women over 50 end up with pensions worth £100,000 less than their ex-partners The average pension pot of divorced women over 50 is worth £131,000  The figure comes from analysis of an Office for National Statistics survey It found that divorced men typically enjoy pension pots worth £235,000  Divorced women over the age of 50 end up with a pensionContinue reading


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Our friends at WASPI, Women Against State Pension Inequality, have told us that that another group of ladies called ‘Backto60’ have lodged a claim for a Judicial Review about the new rules for ladies pensions which came into force some years ago but were only enacted a few years ago. Basically Ladies don’t get their State Pension until 65/66/67 whenContinue reading

Owens v Owens

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Mrs Owens wants to divorce her husband of many years. He doesn’t want to divorce her. The parties have separated and Mrs O has a new partner. The law says both parties must agree to divorce. Therefore the Supreme Court have agreed that the law stands. However they have indicated to the Government that change is needed. 5 years isContinue reading

Screwfix Millionaire James Goddard-Watts

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Some years ago we reported that the above gentleman had been ordered to pass over more of the matrimonial assets from the marriage. He had forgotten to disclose to the court the true value of those assets when he had sold his Screwfix business. The parties are back in Court at the moment according to the illustrious Daily Mail becauseContinue reading

Mills v Mills

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The Supreme Court recently decided the above thorny issue of spousal maintenance. Mr Mills went to Court to have the spousal maintenance he pays to his former wife reduced as The Court of Appeal had ironically increased the amount he had to pay when he went to the lower Court to have it reduced! Mr Mills appealed the decision! TheContinue reading

The Mansfield Fruit Farm

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The Court of Appeal has another case to examine in the near future. Paul Mansfield reckons that after 26 years of marriage the settlement awarded to his ex wife Jane is too much because the land and farms originated from his father Buddy and he therefore should get more than her. We think that Mr Mansfield will find that whatContinue reading

Katie Hopkins

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We listened to Katie on LBC this morning when she was talking about ‘special contributions’ to matrimonial assets and taking side with Randy Work and Ryan Giggs. She and several people who phoned in also complained that wives who stay at home to manage the home and bring up the children should not receive 50% of the assets in normalContinue reading

Ryan Giggs

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Mr Giggs seems to think that he may be able to secure more than 50% of the matrimonial assets when the Gigg’s divorce hits the Courts shortly according to media reports. Brilliant a footballer as he was we don’t think that the Courts will be too impressed by that argument. However we shall see…………………! Watch this space!

Randy Work is not a special earner

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Mr Work’s attempt to get more of the matrimonial assets from his failed marriage misfired last week at the Supreme Court. The starting point for any division of matrimonial assets is 50/50 according to White v White in the House of Lords decision in Oct 2000. Chris Hohn’s High Court settlement in 2004 gave him more assets than his wife.Continue reading

Court oF Appeal

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Divorcees have had some more good news this week! An investment banker who gambled away nearly all of the family fortune and then lied to the Court has been told that a pension based in India must be shared with his ex wife. The decision is seen as being a first as normally overseas pensions are untouchable. In Briers vContinue reading