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We listened to Katie on LBC this morning when she was talking about ‘special contributions’ to matrimonial assets and taking side with Randy Work and Ryan Giggs.

She and several people who phoned in also complained that wives who stay at home to manage the home and bring up the children should not receive 50% of the assets in normal divorces.

Katies’ program was quite biased. It didn’t tell the tale of many women who thought that they had 50% of the matrimonial assets and discovered by talking to us that they had nothing in retirement because their advisers hadn’t done their job properly.

The law is clear Katie. 50/50 is the starting point. See White v White in October 2000 from the House of Lords.

Katie also mis-reported the case of Graham Mills who went back to the Appeal Court to have his maintenance payments reduced to his ex-wife and failed.  Katie said that Mrs Mills went back to Court to get an increase which is not correct. The Judges found an error in the 2002 Judgement and that is why her maintenance was increased from £1,000.00 to £1,400.00 a month. She didn’t get any extra, only what was agreed in 2002 and had to pay the costs of the hearing although we think that that issue may have to be paid by another party.

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