Karen & John Hart in the Daily Mail

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Mark Duell for the ‘Mailonline’ reports that Karen Hart received £3.5 million from joint matrimonial assets of £10 million despite living with another man for some years.

There seems to be some confusion in the press about such matters. Mrs Hart started living with Mr Hart in 1983 and they married in 1987 and had 2 children and then at some point just before 2011 they separated.

At that point the matrimonial assets would have been valued and split either by agreement or by the direction of the Court. In this case Judge Wildblood seems to have allocated less than 50% of the assets to Mrs Hart when in normal circumstances Mrs Hart would have been entitled to 50%. The Judge may have reduced the sum because Mrs Hart has being living with someone else.

However Mr Hart’s case to have the settlement reviewed to give him a greater share of the assets is in our opinion flawed. The starting point in the division of assets is 50% so Mr Hart might have found himself having to give more to Mrs Hart!

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