Femail at the Daily Mail

Femail at the Daily Mail

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According to today’s Daily Mail, some or all of the owners of Ocado, Asos, Superdry and Laura Ashley are divorcing and their soon to be ex wives are seeking at least a 50/50 split of the matrimonial assets.

The leading Court Case in these types of Divorce settlements is White v White in 2001 whereby their Lordships in the House of Lords, now the Supreme Court, decided that after a long marriage, then the financial assets including shares, cash, business’s, houses, and pensions should be divided up equally.

Since then there has been an argument that ‘stellar contribution’ might be accepted whereby the divorcing Husband, if he has created a mega business empire, might get more than the 50%. An example of this decision is Cooper-Hohn v Hohn in 2014 when Chris Hohn received more than his ex wife!.

In the normal world which most of us live in, however, lots of Solicitors don’t include pension, business or share values when calculating the value of the matrimonial assets.

If you think that your Solicitor didn’t do his or her job properly then contact us for a free review! Lots of newly satisfied ladies can confirm that we have financially helped them get something that they didn’t realize that they were entitled to!

Always remember that any enquiries that we make do not involve your ex husband or wife and are therefore confidential.

Lifeline are the UK’s premier experts in divorce settlement investigation on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

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  1. Lesley Barratt

    Dear sir or madam.I just want to know if I qualify for a settlement regarding my first divorce in 1984. I was divorcing my husband on grounds of adultery.I would like you to look into my case as my husband was earning good money and as of now he his retired.I was receiving nothing from him when the divorce came through I was shocked that there was no mention of any kind of settlement even though he left me alone with his 3 children who were all under the age of 5.He is now married to this lady who was my best friend and feel that me and my children did not receive any form off money,and in those days I have been told that because my husband deserted me my solicitor should have applied for a settlement because of this.Nothing was settled in court and it seemed like he had got away with paying me nothing when the divorce came through.I felt so angry with my solicitor as in my opinion she should have at least tryed for me and my children.I have been told that I should be entitled to his pension as is retired now.Please could you look into my situation and only call me on the number provided if you think I have a case.Kind Regards Ms Lesley Barratt

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