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Divorcees have had some more good news this week!

An investment banker who gambled away nearly all of the family fortune and then lied to the Court has been told that a pension based in India must be shared with his ex wife. The decision is seen as being a first as normally overseas pensions are untouchable.

In Briers v Briers the couple divorced in 2005. The husband complained that he had become very successful after the marriage and separation. The Judge In Birmingham High Court and subsequently the Judges at the Court of Appeal all agreed that the wife should not be given just £500,000.00 as the husband wanted but £2.6m because she was instrumental in helping the husband start the family business which was where the family wealth was situated. It also seems that the husband may have not been too economical with the truth when declaring the assets to the court.

We say to all our clients that if you think the settlement was wrong or that your ex hid assets then talk to us. Our initial investigations are free and the only fee we ever receive is when the case is over and done with. Hundreds of satisfied customers can’t be wrong!

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  1. Aude Ayliffe

    Hello, My consent order dates from 2012 and I had to hand over my 45% shares and resign from from the small family business (I co-founder and run for 6 years). No financial compensation was ordered to me but a maintenance for £1950 to cover accomodation rental and children’s basic needs.
    The business is still running and doing well on paper however I believe that my controlling ex and his girlfriend (of 5y now) have set up another business (Skyshot Global) providing similar services on her name only as a tactic to avoid paying maintenance at all.
    I had to enforce the maintenance order 3 times already because he refused to apy the full amount on a monthly basis and was then ordered to pay the balance + interest and fees.
    His partner is a wealthy business woman and has been helping him control/threaten me (and my kids 7 & 11y old emotionally). My ex has been living with her in her house in Esher (Copsem drive).
    Now, I have had enough and I want to apply for a consent order variation where no longer monthly payments are made directly from him (to avoid his coercise abuse) or a one off financial settlement.
    I genuinely hope you can help me put an end to this stressful ordeal.
    Many thanks.
    Aude (07557 103510)

    1. Tony Derbyshire


      We aren’t solicitors. You will need to go back to your old solicitors or find new ones to get the Consent Order varied.
      Tony Derbyshire

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