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Screwfix, Toolstation and James Goddard-Watts

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James Goddard was ordered by the Court to pay a further £6m after it was found that he had not disclosed the full portfolio of matrimonial assets to the Court! If you think that your ex has not disclosed all the assets to the Court contact us as soon as possible.


Ocado and the Steiners

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So Mr & Mrs Steiner arrived at the High Court yesterday to begin the procedure to divide up their matrimonial assets! Ocado founder Tim Steiner cites unreasonable behaviour as the reason for the divorce whilst Mrs S says she is the victim and has been cut off from her children. It really doesn’t matter who is to blame for theContinue reading


Screwfix, Toolstation and James Goddard-Watts

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The Daily Mail reports today that the Mr Goddard-Watts divorce settlement is being looked at in private in the High Court. Mr Justice Moylan will decide on the matter in the next few days according to the press. Mr Goddard-Watts is accused of misleading the Court by not declaring all of his assets when he divorced some years ago. IfContinue reading