Divorce Lifeline director Jeremy Wolff on the BBC Radio 4 show, Money Box

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A segment from Money Box in which Divorce Lifeline’s, Jeremy Wolff and Radio 4’s, Paul Lewis, discussed the potential end to 50/50 divorce settlements. BBC Radio 4 – Money Box 21st January 2017 This clip has been taken from BBC Radio 4’s Money Box – Southern Comfort which was recorded on the 21/01/2017 and is available to download from: reading

Solicitors mishandled Divorce Settlements

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After the 1st December 2000 the law was changed and Pensions became part of the assets that were divided in a divorce. It is now clear that for many people getting divorced, their Solicitor did not get the correct valuation of the Pension. As a result in many cases a settlement will have been negotiated based upon a Pension ValuationContinue reading