Divorce Lifeline director Jeremy Wolff on the BBC Radio 4 show, Money Box

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A segment from Money Box in which Divorce Lifeline’s, Jeremy Wolff and Radio 4’s, Paul Lewis, discussed the potential end to 50/50 divorce settlements. BBC Radio 4 – Money Box 21st January 2017 This clip has been taken from BBC Radio 4’s Money Box – Southern Comfort which was recorded on the 21/01/2017 and is available to download from: reading

Embracing your new life post-divorce

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Following a divorce, your emotions can begin to test you. After experiencing such a major change in your life, it can be difficult to adapt to your new life and overcome the challenges you will begin to face. However, this isn’t always a negative time, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger and you might find that you haven’tContinue reading

Infidelity: The top marriage breaker

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Infidelity raises a number of questions in marriage. Unfortunately, it is deal breaker when it comes to your relationship and with figures rising; and more of us are suffering from its consequences. It raises questions – does your partner still love you? Should you stay? Will you be able to forgive? Is your trust broken?   A recent survey provedContinue reading

Getting prepared: The Court Date

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  Make list of possessions and properties   It is imperative that you know exactly what you both own so write an organised list beforehand. This way, it will be easy to follow and the divorce process can be completed smoothly. You don’t want to keep adding to the list, as this will complicate things. Once this is constructed, orderContinue reading

Keeping your cool – how to de-stress during a divorce

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Managing stress levels during a divorce is often one aspect that gets overlooked despite the overwhelming effects on your physical and mental health should it get out of control. Juggling court appearances with work and afternoon school runs is a mammoth task for anyone so at times you have to stop trying to be superwoman and make an effort toContinue reading

Your child’s rights during divorce

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Divorce is an overwhelming and unstable time for all of the family. It’s also a pivotal period for both parents as they endure legal proceedings, but throughout the process it’s especially important that your child’s wellbeing remains centre focus.   All too often children become collateral damage in what’s an even more unsettling and emotional time for them. Without realisingContinue reading

Why use a divorce counsellor?

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“Til death do us part” are sacred words for the thousands who take their vows each year in the UK and for many the prospect of divorce is unimaginable. Regardless of whether we choose to accept it or how long it takes for us to realise the impact of our damaged relationships, there comes a time when we may haveContinue reading

Divorce LifeLine Returns £millions to UK Divorcees

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Under Valued Divorce Settlements Reveal Thousands of Pounds May be Recovered for Over 750,000 Divorcees Across the UK. More than 750,000 divorcees across the country may be entitled to claim back thousands of pounds after their divorce settlement was undervalued at the time of their divorce. This is according to Divorce LifeLine, a divorce and pension consultancy that is helpingContinue reading

Hollywood’s picture perfect couple split, but did you settle for less after marriage?

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“Probably the most prominent and shocking celebrity divorce since Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, which landed Mills a £24.3 million settlement, we’ve all been saddened at the news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. A whirlwind romance by Hollywood standards, their five-year marriage came to an end when Holmes filed for divorce late last month, sparking speculations about the 33-year-oldContinue reading

Third Time Lucky

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Divorce LifeLine are proud to tell all readers that we are helping a divorcee who, when she reached her settlement some 12 years ago, agreed to pay her ex husband 25% of the value of the house at the time of settlement. The money was payable when the children left home. When her last child left home she was horrifiedContinue reading