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Everyone who goes through a divorce will have a different experience so it can be very helpful to hear what other people have gone through, particularly when you are considering how best to proceed with your own situation.

In both the cases of the women below, there was the realisation that all was not well financially and neither could see a way forward. However, our panel of expert solicitors secured them both settlements beyond what either of them expected and without the need of the involvement of their former spouses.

Our clients’ claims were successfully pursued against their former divorce solicitors who had failed to reach the settlement they deserved.

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In 2016, Sandy approached us and asked if we could investigate and review the financial details of her divorce settlement. She had been divorced for over four years but still felt something wasn’t quite right with the settlement she had received.

After receiving her solicitors’ papers, we soon discovered that they had made various simple errors in relation to the law. This had subsequently led to Sandy receiving a lower settlement than she should have received after a marriage and co-habitation that had lasted 18 years.

Despite the time lapse between the divorce and Sandy contacting us, we secured a payment of £30,000, plus costs from her former divorce solicitors to settle her claim. There was no involvement whatsoever with Sandy’s former spouse, with no knowledge reaching him of the settlement.

“Thank you so much…!”


In 2013, Susan called us to make an enquiry about her divorce settlement, the figure of which she had become increasingly uncertain about. When someone alerted her to a retirement asset that her former spouse was about to receive, it triggered her to call us.

Her new solicitors, approved by Divorce Lifeline, took on her case following our investigations. Despite huge protestations from her former divorce solicitors, the new solicitors tenaciously pursued a settlement without the client having to go to court.

Susan received a payment of £110,000 from her former divorce solicitors as well as her new solicitor’s costs. As is the case with all of our clients, Susan did not have to pay a penny to the panel of solicitors or any of the professionals that they employed such as barristers or actuaries to help with the case. Our careful discretion kept all details of the case strictly confidential between us, our client Susan, and her new and former divorce solicitors.

“Divorce Lifeline handled my case in a friendly and professional manner. I can’t thank them enough!”

If your divorce settlement was no more than 14 years ago and you’ve had a gradual niggling feeling that it was not right, we will review all of your papers for you at no cost. By simply sending us your papers, you really have nothing to lose.

Please do remember that any claim brought on your behalf is against your former divorce solicitor not your former spouse; there is no contact whatsoever with your former spouse. Your motivation is our motivation. These are just two examples from literally hundreds of women, whose cases we have successfully resolved.

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