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The Daily Mail has today published an article by Sadie Nicholas with help from Jill Foster about Divorcees losing their marital homes. Here is the link to the that article.


For some years Divorce Lifeline have known about unfair divorce settlements. The law is very clear in that after a medium or long marriage then the matrimonial assets should be split on at least a 50/50 basis. If the wife has given up her career or not even started one because she is the home maker and a mother then it could be that she might get 60% of the assets. It just depends on the total of the assets and what might happen in the future.

We have seen so many poor settlements in the last 4 years that we despair of how the lawyers can advise a client to accept an arrangement that agrees less than 50% of the assets.

If you think that you have received a bad settlement and lost your home then call us and we will review your deal at no cost. ‘Nothing ventured nothing gained’!

Always remember that any enquiries that we make do not involve your ex husband or wife and are therefore confidential.

Lifeline are the UK’s premier experts in divorce settlement investigation on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

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  1. Jean Allani (formerly Golding)

    I would like some advice on my divorce which was in 2011 and advice on the consent order made at the time. I am living at the matrimonial home but now my ex husband wants to sell the property now my son is 21 years old and my daughter who also lives at the property is 24 years old.

  2. Ms Annameta Peden-Coles

    I have tried to contact you before although a little worried after the Divorce
    There was never a agreement signed as to finances or of the 2 pensions my deposit that I had previously with right to buy was a large amount I was left homeless after saying he wanted to see mediation for this… Then he just fast tracked divorce leaving me with financial bills to pay. not leaving forwarding address for any one.. Considering he did not want me to work also he was 40 – 45 thousand a year before divorce.
    Have 2 private pension one befor then another one at beginning of the marriage
    I look forward to hearing from you

  3. Sue Angilley-Brown

    Hello there, I am going though a financial settlement with my ex husband, going to court next Thurs 22nd for the 4th time!! The first two were to get a non mol and occupation order. I had a home and he came to me with nothing, 18 years ago. All he has ever done is spend spend spend and if I didn’t agree with him he wouldn’t speak to me for days. Wet originally bought our council house for £56000 but got £24000 discount for all my years of renting. He then went to live with someone else for a year and came back with £25000 worth of credit card debt, told me he wanted me back bit first he had two holidays he’d booked with her!! Yes I was an idiot. Tyne he wanted to run a pub, another £25000 both of these went onto the mortgage. I am disabled and rely on the help I have around me, parents just around the corner and neighbours help with the dogs while im at work. He didn’t work for 9 years and I did and paid the mortgage, he’s been gone for nearly two years after I refused to spend anymore on him! He had 11 motorbikes in4 years! He’s still spending like an idiot, I’ve had good bank statements. Now there’s meant to be financial abuse laws in place but where are they note to help me? He now has a girlfriend with loads of money, she’s already bight a big house for them to live in and two cottages to rent out for income, I am in effect paying off his debts by just paying the mortgage but if we have to sell im too old to get another mortgage but they will honour the one I’ve got. While he gets to live the life of Riley in his big posh be home and I’m made homeless with no way of affording anything else!! He’s also after my pension but I’m to leave his German one he’s already getting as it’s his income!! I can’t afford to retire anytime soon!! Can you help me?

  4. Ms Annameta Peden-Coles

    Hello I’m Ms Annameta Peden-Coles
    I have contacted you before and said I would get back in contact when I found letters relating to the unfair Divorce and loosing my
    My phone number is… 07572426996
    Email address… annametapedenbaldwin@yahoo.co.uk
    I would be very greatful if you would contact me.
    My solicitor seem to abandon me half way through after telling the ombudsman about the name of solicitor she has told me that they was not properly registered at that time with the company.
    I have had such a difficult time.
    Also I am a little worried but an keen to aquire what I an untitled too.
    Look forward to hearing from yourselves
    Ms Annameta Peden-Coles

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